Harvest National Convention, 2019

TRAINING AND MULTIPLICATION OF LEADERS PROGRAM serves to multiply and train members who are passive disciples in the movement and catalysts in their churches and in the transformation of Burundi. Through the harvest clubs, the harvesters are spread throughout the national territory.

Harvest clubs

Representative map of the Harvest Clubs on the national territory

Each week, there are more than a thousand young people and adults, women and men who gather around the word of God and prayer for the harvest in the world.

Harvest Initiatives has seen, membership in its various harvest clubs, grow from 850 members in 2015 to 1,246 members in 2019 with 34 Harvest Clubs.

The National Harvest Campaign

2016 National Campaign

The National Campaign of Harvest (CNM) touched 79.862 persons in which 25.674 saved (with the participation of 73 local churches and 3102 evangelists).

Partner Churches local

SSR workshop, Bugendana 2019

The partnership with 35 local churches, 150 leaders reinforced are in mission and leadership, 168 leaders strengthened in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Harvest Bible Training – HBT

HBT Laureates, 2019 Edition

Harvest Bible Training - HBT, has recorded, over the period 2015-2019, 350 students registered, 107 certified, 56 missionaries formés, 240 students the training

Christian initiatives for peace

Peace Day at Rutana High School

Christian initiatives for peace made it possible to train 18 peace trainers 1,825 intercessors mobilzed, 360 students leaders sensintized 150 church leaders sensintized 1,996 students leaders sensitized on Christian values and identity in times of war.