Muramvya is a province in the center-west of Burundi, located between the two capitals Bujumbura and Gitega. This province is characterized by a strong demographic explosion of which more than 95% live on agriculture.

It is dominated by many Batwa who are very poor, uneducated, marginalized, and discriminated against, and always live apart from others in extreme poverty. This marginalization means that they continue to live in a social inferiority that undermines their dignity as human beings.

The Muramvya Integrated Mission Center for Batwa and Other Vulnerable People (CMIBV) started in 2008 with 65 identified vulnerable beneficiary families. Currently we serve 225 beneficiary families. In 225 families we have 142 couples, 62 widows, 15 widowers and 6 orphans. Harvest Initiatives supports Batwa families in Masango, Nyagisozi, Gikonge, Mpira and Nyarukere.

 These Batwa families do not have sufficient land for cultivation, as many of them own small plots. Meeting the food needs of these Batwa populations is regrettable. The clay used for the traditional craft of pottery is no longer available, blacksmithing and basketry have not evolved over time, resulting in low purchasing power leading to extreme poverty. These are the factors that explain the poor living conditions in which these Batwa families of Muramvya live.

Education: 152 students are supported for school fees and materials.

Health Care: 225 families are covered for health care. 

Nutrition: 132 children take porridge every morning

Housing: all families have their own houses.

Empowerment: 3 NDUZA NKUDUZE savings and credit associations, which facilitates them to practice agro-pastoral and borrow money to do small business.