Overview of the Karubabi Missionary Center (2022)
Overview of the Karubabi Missionary Center ( 2021)

Karubabi Harvest School was founded in response to the felt needs of the Batwa community. When the local population was asked what they would like help with, they identified housing, health care and education. From this came the vision of a school that would meet the educational needs of the children. The school was launched in 2010, it acquired a private status in 2017.

Today, there is an excellent opportunity to shape the curriculum, teaching methods, as well as hire teachers who understand and are committed to the school's vision.

At present, there is the kindergarten, the fondamental cycle (from the grade 1 to the grade 9) and the professional fields (post fondemantal Construction Manager and Agro-Food Industry Technologies.   The vocational courses allow students to be prepared for the job market.

Dortoir des élèves internes

Cette annee scolaire 2022-2023, Karubabi a accueilli 62 garcons eleves internes . L’ internat permet aux étudiants venant de partout au pays d’être influencés et enseignés dans cette communauté aimante et encourageante.


Our vision is to see a community transformed by the impact of excellent education based on the love of God.


Our mission is to provide an excellent education based on God's love that fosters creativity, critical thinking and practical application for all; and to produce graduates with moral values capable of influencing the transformation of their communities.