Batwa and other vunerable community of BUTIHINDA

The Commune Butihinda is one of 7 communes in the province of Muyinga. The missionary center of Butihinda was born in 2011 by the program of evangelization and mission in the perspective of reaching the miners. In 2014 we started to serve the Batwa community of Gahararo. In this Batwa community, we started with 72 families.

We met with the Batwa community, who lack the cultivable land and are unable to invest in commerce like other residents of the commune. Their children drop out of school and often become bandits in the neighborhood. Sometimes in Batwa families there are early marriages and incest due to promiscuity in the houses following bad behavior. 

Harvest Initiatives' interventions

After noticing the problems in which the Batwa families of the Butihinda commune live, in particular those of the BUVUMBI zone, we had the idea of supporting these vulnerable people through projects to improve the living conditions of Batwa families and other vulnerable people.

 The focus is on agriculture and on the supervision of Batwa and other vulnerable associations in this commune. Thanks to these projects, we hope that the living conditions of these Batwa families and other vulnerable people will be changed.


189 students are supported for school fees and materials


68 families are provided with health care and more than 500 families receive clean water as a result of the community's water supply.


275 children take porridge every morning.


70 families got houses instead of huts that caused deadly fires at any time.


The community is grouped in 8 NDUZA NKUDUZE savings and credit associations, which allows them to practice agropastoral activities and borrow money for small projects.


Evangelism is done through several approaches:

  • sharing Good news in clubs for children;
  • Youth clubs for evangelism
  • Soccer teams;
  • Outreach to families or to gold mining sites;
  • Charity works.