Our programs
1601 beneficiary students
1355 attend public schools
246 students at Karubabi harvest school
62 boys students at boarding school
  • 1. Is Harvest Initiatives a charitable organization?

    Not totally, because her mission pushes her to prepare the movement of disciples catalysts in the transformation of Burundi and the world by the gospel. Also, She fulfills the holistic mission for the Batwa family and other vulnerable people.

  • 2. Is Harvest Initiatives a denomination?

    No, Harvest Initiatives is a religious organization. It is a movement of Christ-followers who are catalysts in the transformation of Burundi.

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    14 January 2021
    My name is Adrienne. I am with my daughter and my brother. I sell cabbages in the small market of Busiga (Ngozi province). I started it last year (2019) when I borrowed a small amount of credit, in my savings and loans association, and I started my small business. Now I am stable, I can sell cabbages and sometimes avocados finally to be able to feed my family. My plan for the future is to have small livestock in my house from my small business. I thank Harvest for supporting me to achieve this transformation. Watch her testimony https://youtu.be/apgUzRua9VQ
    Our Approach

    Harvest Initiatives uses a holistic approach that emphasizes Christian values, with a staff that combines professional ethics and God's word as a guide to accomplish its mission..

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